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The Carlino, as was named in this country after transformed the french "Carlin" in "Carlino", became popular in the eighteenth century in Italy.

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In Italy, the aristocrats had their Pugs, elegantly dressed in colorful little jackets and matching pants, sit next to the coachman on the front seat of their carriages.

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Hester Thrale. by Joshua Reynolds en 1781

Not much documentation is available, however, except for the writings of Mrs. Hester Lynch Piozzi , Mrs. Thrale, ( 1741 - 1821 ) an intelligent and cleverly amusing lady who recorded her travels in "Observations and Reflections Made in the Course of a Journey Through France, Italy, and Germany " , published in 1789.

Mrs. Piozzi  wrote in her journal, "The little Pug Dog  or Dutch Mastiff  has quitted London for Padua, I perceive. Every carriage I meet here has a pug in it.".

She had to be well informed about the breed, as she refers to them as "a transplanted Hollander, carried thither originally from China .... They seem to thrive particularly well in this part of the world, the little Pugs  or Dutch Mastiffs ".

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"Il Battesimo di San Daniele da parte di San Prosdocimo da Padova", Diziani

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The Italian artist Giuseppe Diziani (1732-1803) in his "Il Battesimo di San Daniele da parte di San Prosdocimo da Padova" ,painted a historic scene in the Padua Church, where we can see a little Pug in it.

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Today, the Pug  continue been very popular, and having rich and famous owners, like the Italian designer Valentino Garavani, whom adores his dogs so much that he even named a second line of clothing after his late Pug Oliver.

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                 Valentino´s Pugs

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