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She was born April, 20, 2007 in Addy, Washington, USA.

Her parents are from

The Mountain Valley Pug Ranch

formerly known as "The Pend Oreille Pug Ranch ",

located in the beautiful Washington State.

corazon (1K)Her Dad:

*Bean Me Up Biscotti*, FAWN male  

Her Grandparents:

*The Honorable Winston Junior*, Fawn male.

*Mandy Loise Richardson*, Fawn female.

Her Great-grandparents:

*Winston Pugsly*, Fawn male.

*Dazzle*, Black female.

*Brutus Teaspoon Herrera*,Fawn male.

*Miss Suzie Q Herrera*, Fawn female.

corazon (1K)Her Mom:

*Pendoreille April Rain*, BLACK female

Her Grandparents:

*Master Maxwell McCaleb*, Black male.

*Miraculous Elsa of Pendoreille*, Fawn female.

Her Great-grandparents:

*Bugsy-Maloney*, Black male

*Morning Glory Pugsy Of Jamul*, Fawn female

*Mighty Milan Of Pend Oreille*, Fawn male

*Willow Spring Richardson*, Apricot/Fawn female.

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All of its are American Kennel Club registrated

American Kennel Club

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