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Welcome to the world of Pugs. You are about to discover that, once a Pug enters into your life, it changes forever.


This is a brief history of our relationship with the "Canine World".

My name is Nora, I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

My parents were the ones who taught my brother and I this deep love for animals, At an early age and all through our childhood, they allowed us to have all kinds of pets such as a Jack Russell mix, Pekingese females and their babies, rescued kittens, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, canaries, parakeets, etc.

As you can see, I've always been surrounded by animals!

Ken y sus hermanos
Perro Pointer de la familia

Ken  was born and grew up in Chicago,Il in the USA, in the bosom of a large family and always with several animals.

Surely his love for dogs was inherited from his grandfather, who was a dog breeder for Pointers.


We were married in Argentina in 1986 and our first pet (and could not be more spoiled) was a crossbreed that Ken rescued from an uncertain destiny and which we called Mitzzy.

In 1995 we decided to move to Denver, Colorado, and we took our beloved Mitzzy with us.

There we discovered that Ken's brother David  and his wife Mary, (animal lovers as well), were breeding Shar-Pei  dogs, a breed that was just beginning to become popular and we fell in love them immediately.


Then in 1995, they gave us a beautiful female puppy, Tanny, with which we also began to breed our beloved "wrinkled-puppies". We continued doing this for the following 12 years. Our pack of Shar-Peis grew to include Tanny, Keeka, Bu-Lang  and Mei Li  governed by little Mitzzy. Ha!

Lamentably by 2007, we only had Mei Li, our last Shar-Pei, because Mitzzy, Tanny, Bu-Lang and Keeka had already gone to "The Rainbow Bridge".

Tsu-Hsi y Mei Li

Looking to continue in our favorite hobby but with a smaller breed, and provide a companion for our sweet Mei Li who was missing her playful family members... and so a passionate whirlwind called Tsu-Hsi, our first Pug, entered into our lives. After only a few days with us, this tiny puppy took possession of our hearts, became the queen of the house and the inseparable best friend and companion of Mei Li.

In 2008 we decided to make another big change in our lives by moving to Europe.

And with Mei Li  and Tsu-Hsi  in tow we made the journey to Spain.

Viaje a España-2008

Here we are in the town of Lleida, in Catalonia, starting a new life. And now that Tsu-Hsi  is old enough, we are eager to start enjoying the blessing of having the house invaded by little Pugs because, as they say, Pugs are "addictive ", like potato chips, you can't have just one, you always want more.!

Foto de Familia

Ken, Nora, Tsu-Hsi and Mei Li

Here, in Spain, we plan to continue with our "hobby" of occasionally breeding great puppies. In our home, we consider our dogs an integral part of our family, they are pampered and cared for, because as we said it is our hobby and not a business. We are motivated by the desire to share with other animal lovers the wonderfully fun experience of letting a Pug  into and transform your life forever!

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