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Han Dynasty
(25-220 B.C.)

The migration of small Oriental dogs from Ancient East to the countries of the West was done as trade in silk and other merchandise between China, Korea  and Japan  and the Western World  as early as the time of the Han Dynasty  (200 years B.C.).

Trade relations with Portugal  were opened in 1516, with Spain  in 1575, and with the Dutch  in 1604.

Peter I "The Great"(1838)  (42K)

Peter I of Russia,
       "The Great"

It is thought that possibly by this time, the Pugs were also introduced in Russia.

Reports and rumors referring to the presence of Pugs in Moscow  as early as the sixteenth century have never been confirmed

Kangxi (46K)

Emperor K'ang Hsi

Although it is known that Peter I "The Great"  sent an embassy to the court of the Emperor K'ang Hsi (or Kangxi) (1662-1723), of the Manchu Dynasty.

The Emperor gave to welcome a Russian ambassador who was interested in dogs, one or two Pugs  as gifts, which he took with him to his return to Moscow.

A painting of Princess Ekaterina Golitsyna  by Louis Michel Van Loo  made in 1759 shows indeed that Pugs were present at the Russian court before the 1800s.

Golitsyna (41K)

Ekaterina Golitsyna;
       Van Loo, 1759

golitsynadetalle (30K)


There is also a story about Princess Provost Hedwig Sophie Augusta  (the aunt of Catherine "The Great" ) of Russia, who was an avid animal lover.

manypugs (51K)
Sofia (28K)

Hedwig Sophie Augusta

While she is thought to have owned many breeds, her favorite was the Pug.

She was known to travel with as many as 16 Pugs  and one was always allowed to accompany her to church.

She also had many parrots and kept the birds and Pugs housed in a single room.

During the Revolution of 1917, many Pugs and others breeds were killed by Russian revolutionaries because the dogs were apparently associated with aristocracy and tyranny, which were pervasive in the country during that time.

But, after the collapse of the URSS  and the fall of the Iron Curtain, breeders gradually re-introduce the almost extinct breeds.

Doctor Zhivago (46K)

"Doctor Zhivago"

And Pugs  became very popular again.

Boris Pasternak, (1890-1981), in his famous novel "Doctor Zhivago"  first published in 1957, mentions a Pug.

Daria Dontsova (36K)

Daria Dontsova and
             her Pug

Popular Russian mystery author Daria Dontsova (1952-), features Pugs  prominently in her slapstick detective series.

The Pugs  provide numerous amounts of comic relief and sometimes even (accidentally) help their owner solve a deadly mystery.

Daria Dontsova- Book (56K)

"Zolushka V Shokolade: Roman ; Verkhom Na Titanike Glavy Iz Novogo Romana"

Daria Dontsova- Book(57K)

" Dose Na Kroshku Che: Roman"

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