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Pugs were probably first introduced to the United States  in the 1800's.

It's not known for sure because of the lack of written records; many dogs were brought into the country as pets, and were never shown at dog shows, and if bred, were bred as pets and companions.

However, several Pug enthusiasts imported Pugs from Great Britain  in the late 1800s and early 1900s, and these dogs became the foundation of the breed in the United States.

The AKC  recognized the breed in 1885, with the first registered Pug known as "George ".

Since then Pugs have been shown throughout the country.

The Pug's popularity grew by leaps and bounds but then dwindled by the turn of the century.

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The American Kennel Club Stud Books  show that for the years 1900 through 1920, only a handful of breeders were registering their Pugs, and some shows had no Pug entries at all.

It was in 1931 that a group of East Coast  breeders and exhibitors decided to form a "Pug Dog Club of America " and on December 1, 1931 the club was formally recognized by the "American Kennel Club ".

A few dedicated breeders kept the breed going and slowly the Pug reappeared on the American scene.

The breed lost contact with its Chinese heritage  in 1949 when the Communist Party  came to power in China.

People were starving all over the country, and the Communist Party leaders considered it a waste of food to feed pet dogs.

All pet dogs were ordered destroyed, and dogs whose lineage went back thousands of years were killed.

Luckily, enough Pugs  had been imported from China previously that the breed continues today.

Recently, have rise popularity after the Hollywood movies :


"The Adventures of Milo and Otis", the Pug movie  par excellence with a Pug  in the starring role.

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"Pocahontas". "Percy " is the name of the spoiled Governor Ratcliffe's pet Pug in this Walt Disney  animated feature.

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"Men in Black" starring Will Smith  and Tommy Lee Jones, where a fawn Pug, named "Mushu ", played the part of Frank the Alien.

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This role was later expanded in the sequel "Men in Black II".

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Finally, to make Pugs  even more famous…

State lawmakers in Delaware are currently reviewing a bill that proposes the Pug  as the

Official Dog of the State of Delaware.

The bill touts the Pug as "a small, intelligent, and much revered dog. "

Representative Robert Valihura Junior, who introduced the bill, says the Pug  is an appropriate breed to represent the nation's second-smallest state of the American United States.

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